Meet our designers: Tom


Tom is our head of sales and go-to for technical queries. Splitting his time between York and London, Tom is a trained furniture designer with career roots in design and manufacture. He has the perfect balance of design and practical nous with an in-depth understanding of the behaviour and fabric of our tiles. Having recently renovated his home in Nottingham with the majority of work done by his own hand to a beautiful result, Tom is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of the company.

Personal style

With an architectural approach to interiors and a mild obsession over the small details that matter Tom creates an industrial yet luxury style that often blends dark metals with our raw and natural earthy tones to create tactile yet minimal spaces. 

Main skills

Tom’s background is in design and fabrication mainly with high end residential and commercial spaces. This experience has meant Tom has a great understanding the product itself and developed key photoshop and design skill to help customers realise their ideas.


I am available in our York Studio, Tuesday - Thursday from 9am until 5pm

My Top Picks

Forest Majadas Tile

In particular I love the Forest and Soho House Berlin Majadas tiles, I love the versatility of this tile and how it can change so much depending on the configuration you choose.

If you want proof I have filled my house with it!

Classic Fennel Stubby Glazed Tile

I love the imperfect edges in the stubby tiles. Their subtle green colour and glossy glazed finish makes them versatile and timeless.My personal preference is to lay it in a cross hatch pattern.

Darkroom Black Split Shift One

I never get tired of seeing images of installations of split shift, whether it is only a few dispersed amongst plain white tiles for a splash back or a 10m hall way filled with all three styles random has never looked more considered.

Quinta Marron Tile

Our antique collection are remade favourite reclaimed tiles. They can work beautifully in any style of interior and exterior space whilst also bringing such provenance. The Quinta Marron is my personal favourite of the collection. 

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